Heavy rain is forecast for mourners in London waiting to see the Queen’s coffin

Heavy rain is forecast for mourners in London waiting to see the Queen's coffin

Weepers lined the streets of London to see the Queen’s coffin face the prospect of heavy rain.

Heavy rain is expected as the coffin is transported to Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

But the Met Office said the rain was likely to give way to a “settled, fine” situation and a hot spell for a huge number expected to queue for the Queen’s lying in the country.

A Met Office spokesman said: “Anywhere south of the M4 there will be rain coming in today, possibly heavy later and overnight.

“After that we start to see high pressure continuing through Wednesday and tomorrow evening we start to see sunny spells across the UK.”

The “settled, nice, dry” conditions are expected to last until early next week.

Those in Belfast on Tuesday for the King and Queen’s visit can expect dry conditions with sunny spells, the Met Office said.

Charles and Camilla flew to Northern Ireland to visit Hillsborough Castle, before an appointment with Northern Ireland Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris and party leaders, and received a message of condolence led by the Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

The King and Queen Consort can view floral tributes being left at Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland on Tuesday (Michael Cooper/PA). (PA wire)

After a short reception at Hillsborough, the King and Queen consort went to St Anne’s Cathedral for prayer and reflection.

The monarch’s last state funeral at Westminster Hall opens to the public at 5pm on Wednesday and will be open 24 hours a day until closing at 6.30am on Monday 19 September – the day of the Queen’s funeral.

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