Queen Elizabeth II died ‘last month’; Conspiracy Theories Claim He Was Replaced by Holograms in Public

Wild claims have emerged suggesting that Queen Elizabeth II died months ago and was replaced by a hologram in public, according to conspiracy theories. The Queen was pictured with newly elected Prime Minister Liz Truss just two days before her death. But believers in the radical QAnon movement also claim that Truss was photographed shaking hands with only a hologram of the Queen.

Some strange QAnon adherents also make crazy claims that the former queen did not die of natural causes. He was killed as part of a wider plan, according to conspiracy theories.
The QAnon movement is an online community that is mostly based in the US and has right-wing fanatics.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II

Queen dies ‘months ago’

The timing of the announcement of the 96-year-old’s death is also considered too mysterious to be a coincidence as September 8, 2022 appears to be 1,776 days since QAnon emerged, according to Star every day.

Obviously 1776 was pivotal to the conspiracy spouting movement as the year the United States gained independence from the British crown, the British outlet reported.

Queen Elizabeth II was pictured on Tuesday as she met Liz Truss
Queen Elizabeth II was pictured two days before her death.

Theorists also claim that the Queen was murdered

Elizabeth II may also have been killed as part of a plan that has been in the works for years, according to QAnon fans The Patriot Voice, aka John Sabal and his wife, Amy.

Truss Was Photographed Shaking Hands With Only The Queen’s Hologram

Patriot Voice told its 64,000 Telegram followers that the Queen’s death occurred exactly 1,776 days after the first “Q drop” on the 4chan message board from a mysterious figure known as ‘Q.’ in October 2017, it was reported Star.

“The queen died EXACTLY 1776 days after the first Q roll. Say what you want… I don’t believe in coincidences. The scope of this operation is far more complex than we can even begin to imagine,” wrote Patriot Voice.

Reports also suggest that while QAnon’s followers hate the queen, they never liked her.

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